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Chinese Shopper Tracker Study

The Chinese traveller continues to be key to the Global Travel Retail sector, and as all eyes look East, CiR are tracking the behaviours of this exciting group of shoppers within travel retail.

With over one year of comparable data, and including interviews with 1,000 Chinese travellers six times per year, CiR Tracker Study provides strong and powerful insights into changing shopper behaviour amongst Chinese travellers.

Through regular monitoring of shopper metrics and travel retail specific topics, study subscribers are provided with the insight required to increase their competitive advantage through an up-to-date understanding of the latest needs, desires and expectations of the Chinese shopper.

Latest research has shown a positive evolution in Chinese shopper satisfaction in the channel, with shoppers' planning levels increasing alongside this. Price sensitivity remains positive with 4 in 5 considering price to be more favourable than the domestic market, and promotions are still high on the list of priorities, although a change in desired mechanics is emerging.

Shopper metrics included in the tracker;

• Categories & sub-categories purchased,
• Overall Duty Free spend levels
• Purchase planning levels
• Purchase reasons and purchase drivers

Additionally, travel retail specific topics will also be included;

• Duty Free exclusives
• Promotional activity
• Staff Interaction
• Perceptions of Pricing
• Non-regular brand purchasing behaviour

Accessed through a bespoke online portal, powered by Microsoft Power BI, users have direct access to the data in order to deliver powerful business analytics and insights efficiently and simply. To view a selection of sample views click here.

Available now for £15,000 per annum, this study is designed to assist brands and retailers in developing and optimising strategies to target travel retail's most important shopper. 

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