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A New Look For CiR Business Lounge

CiR is pleased to announce soon-to-be-launched new user modules and an exciting new look for its industry leading intelligence hub, Business Lounge. 

We are extremely excited about the upcoming launch of the new look Business Lounge site.  We have re-assessed the way the Business Lounge site is structured, and with the help of some great feedback from our Business Lounge users, we will be changing the layout and navigation within site to make it easier and more intuitive to get to the reports and insight that you need.

Rest assured, we will not be changing any of the constituent tools or modules, just the navigation and structure to make the system even quicker to use.  We have also taken the opportunity to adopt a new look and feel for the site.  

In the new structure, we will simplify the 6 modules to create 3 new topic-related modules:


This module will house all PAX-related dashboards, tools and reports.  The focus will be on our Global Traveller Statistics model, giving you quick access to all the nationality, forecasting and time of day analysis quickly and clearly.  You will also have access to the source data that drives this GTS module, such as the monthly PAX data that is released by the airports, and schedule data for the next 6 months from the airlines, that covers over 4000 airports.

                                 Passenger Statistics Home Page


This module houses all the information that our teams collect from their visits to 75 airports twice a year.  In store and online pricing audits, store maps, over 50,000 photos, video walk-throughs.

                                  Airport Environment Data Home Page


This module will form a useful repository of reports, industry insights, research.  It will also contain a series of helpful resources such as the logo library, Duty Free allowances and a jargon buster.  This module will also contain clients’ own personalised areas.

                                      Reporting and Resources Home Page

Upcoming New Product Developments

We also have some very exiting product developments coming on line in the near future:

GTS 550: 

We are increasing the power of the GTS model to now include 550 departure airports.  This will increase or coverage of international airports to include more of the up and coming African airports, seasonal holiday destinations, and smaller regional airports.

The data is built around the same proven methodology for the GTS model:

  • PAX actuals released by the airports
  • Schedule data released by the airlines
  • The most wide-reaching booking data from the global ticket distribution systems

The model combines the 3 data sources, to create a data comprehensive model of all scheduled air traffic for each of the 550 airports.  It is this unique model of these complex data sources that delivers the granularity needed to drill down to analyse the PAX mix for a single hour in a terminal.  Of course, if you just want to see total PAX figures at an airport level, we have that too.

This GTS 550 development will give unprecedented analysis of the international traveller mix, the hotspots for your target audiences, and forecasts for all 550 airports to see where the hotspots will be in the future.

We will be rolling out our Time of Day/Day of Week planning tool to all 550 airports as well, to help you better plan promotions and BA resources.

Monthly Forecast:

When we roll out the new facelift, you will also see that our Forecast tool has a new short cycle forecast view that compliments the existing annual long cycle forecast.  This monthly forecast has been developed to harness a wide range of macro economic forecasts to deliver the most effective model for each nationality and airport. 

The monthly tool will have all the same functionality of the annual tool allowing you to look at the growth dynamics of groups of nationalities and airports, even particular air corridors and routes.

Short Cycle Forecast Tool

Advanced Pricing Analytics and Domestic Price Comparison Tools:

With the growing weight of pricing data in the system, we are developing an advanced series of dashboards to help you to get the most of this price and promotion data.

The new advanced module will include a series of dashboards that will allow the user to analyse and compare the prices in numerous different ways.  Allowing you to compare quickly and intuitively the real impact and value of your competitors’ pricing strategies.

We will also be introducing a monthly domestic market price tracker, that will monitor over 800 SKUs in local markets around the world. 

Pricing Dashboard