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CiR launches Traveller and Shopper segmentation study for Travel Retail’s next generation

Travel retail analyst, research and category expert, CiR launches its comprehensive Traveller and Shopper Segmentation Study for 2017. 

Developed to increase the channel’s understanding of its customer base, the study will be the largest and most comprehensive of its kind for the industry.

Why Segment?

Relevance – by making the message and offering relevant to the recipient, a retailer or brand can become more effective at capturing their imagination, attention and ultimately, spend.

Segmentation is a way of grouping shoppers or travellers into smaller groups, according to their needs and behaviours.

“In an industry that’s forecast to have 1.6 billion departing international passengers by 2025, it’s more important than ever to focus on shopper’s needs and wants” says Garry Stasiulevicuis, President of Counter Intelligence Retail.

“We’re operating in exciting times, and as the travel retail landscape continues to evolve and more of the world’s travellers are seeking to broaden their horizons, it is the right time to closely understand them so that their needs and expectations are met when they travel."

How does it work?

CiR’s segmentation study will classify distinct traveller and shopper types, based on their attitudes towards travel, shopping and airport retail. The results will allow brands and retailers to create a more focussed approach to retail and marketing strategies and allow them to better target their customers by developing an optimised approach to traveller and shopper communication.

Based on interviews with 22,500 travellers from over 25 travelling nationalities, the study is the largest and most up-to date available in the industry, based at total traveller level with the ability to drill-down into category understanding. The segmentation process will use results from the survey data, combined with CiR’s in-depth understanding of industry trends, dynamics and forecasts, to create mutually exclusive segments that are made up of traveller and shopper groups, depending on their attitudinal and behavioural similarities. CiR’s approach will investigate how groups perceive and interact with technology when they travel, as well as the influence of social media and advertising.

Segmentation allows micro-analysis of groups dependent on their behaviours (Image: Shutterstock)

“An effective marketing campaign for a liquor brand in Heathrow will not necessarily be the most effective campaign to run in Sao Paulo” says Stasiulevicuis, “And likewise, knowing when to deploy brand ambassadors versus other promotional mechanics, depending on what customer expectations will be, can be the difference between failure and success for marketing budgets”.

Outputs from the study will include recommendations at category level, making it relevant to all retailer and brand companies. “Combined with detailed and actionable recommendations to drive overall store and category footfall, as well as the category specific recommendations in range optimisation, ease of shop and focussed retail marketing communications, the study will provide invaluable insights to our clients and we look forward to sharing these with them in 2017 and beyond” says Stasiulevicuis.

To find out more about this study review the brochure here or to discuss, please contact Stephen Hillam at