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‘Millennials make up their own beauty category experience’ CiR reveal

CiR has launched a series of global beauty reports, which provide a unique insight into shopper motivations and purchase behaviours across the beauty category in travel retail. 

Based on studies conducted across 15 international airports in key global regions, as well as over 7,000 one-to-one interviews with beauty shoppers, the new research successfully identifies shopper profiles for the industry to focus on. This includes travel retail’s most prominent players, the millennials or Generation Y, that represent over 50% of all travellers. CiR’s latest global beauty reports highlight the most commercially and creatively relevant ways to target this audience.


CiR's Definition of Travel Retail's Generations

Millennials are more likely to visit skincare than older generations 

Generation Y are more health-conscious than ever, so it’s unsurprising that their beauty routines reflect this – with organic ingredients, tailored SPF and specialist treatments now part of everyday skincare.

Stocking up on these skincare essentials when travelling is a natural next step for millennials; be it a self-treat, or as a gift for family and friends.

Millennial beauty shoppers are significantly more likely to visit an arrivals store

Millennials utilise multiple platforms and mediums to research, communicate and shop, which is also how they view the travel retail experience. 

Shopping when travelling is not a linear series of events, but omnichannel and cyclical. As such, the arrivals store is no different to shopping in a departures store for millennials, provided that it meets their demands.

What is most important for the millennial beauty shopper is the offering and the content. If it relates to their lives, interests and needs, it is more likely to entice them – particularly if it is entertaining, or presents information in a unique way. 

20% of millennial beauty shoppers bought a beauty brand for the first time in duty free

Millennial beauty shoppers do not buy ‘stuff’; they buy experiences, excitement and entertainment. Every product goes beyond the point of purchase to represent something about the buyer; be it their style, beliefs or personality. 

This makes them more open to new experiences; especially in environments that are unique and exclusive, such as travel retail. In this way, the millennial beauty shopper provides brands with an opportunity to recruit potential advocates, as each touchpoint on the passenger journey is a chance to engage with the millennial beauty shopper on an emotional level.

Post-millennials purchase more items and spend more, driven by fragrance

For post-millennials, or Generation Z, the beauty routine is more of a leisure activity in its own right thanks to the heavy influence of social media on their lives. It has become a key way to interact with each other, their favourite brands and celebrities, as well as gain social acceptance through ‘likes’ and followers.

Sharing beauty experiences digitally means that there is an already highly developed appetite for the beauty category. This translates positively into the travel retail environment, as post-millennials choose to purchase a mix of affordable luxury and premium alternatives – depending on what their role models and peers recommend.

Discover more about millennial beauty shopper, as well as the beauty category’s other leading shopper profiles, in CiR’s comprehensive global beauty reports. The research is available now in ready-to-buy versions for each of the study’s 15 key airports; featuring London Heathrow, Dubai, Hong Kong, Sydney and Rio de Janeiro. Regional reports are also obtainable, along with individual nationality reports for the Chinese, American, Indian, British, Brazilian, Australian, Argentinian and Danish beauty shopper. 

These reports can be customised to highlight and respond to specific business objectives. For sample pages and further report content information please click here.

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Article based on CiR insight.