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Nestlé ITR utilise CiR traveller statistics to enhance brand ambassador program

Nestlé ITR have reported seeing greater levels of shopper engagement in-store after the company changed its brand ambassador strategy following analysis using latest CiR traveller statistics intelligence.  

Following a joint project using the latest traveller statistics information available via CiR’s on line intelligence hub, Business Lounge (, Nestlé have reported seeing significant improvements in the way they deploy and manage their brand ambassadors.   

According to Nestlé, the project used CiR’s traveller statistics data and passenger forecasting tool to provide terminal level analysis. The resulting output identified which nationalities are travelling through key airport terminals, with data being represented by day of week and time of day. Nestlé state they have been able to use this intelligence to map a detailed level of future passenger traffic and therefore have optimised staff planning for a four month forward looking period.

Nestlé Global Head Of Sales Alan Brennan says, ‘We’ve worked with CiR’s new time of day / day of week traffic forecasting module to pin-point just when our target traveller groups are in the key terminals. We’ve been able to get a detailed view of the peak times and the expected volumes of traffic in our most important trading locations’.

Brennan continues, ‘Using this data, we’ve been able to allocate the right number of appropriate language speaking brand ambassadors across our focus terminals. The analysis has meant we’ve been able to target the best days of week and optimal time of day, to place the right people in the right place. This data is now an essential part of our staff optimisation programme’. Nestlé state that the analysis has had a significant impact in the way their brand ambassador community has been able to help and influence shoppers in store. Nestle CCSD Manager, Paul Wheeler adds, ‘Our brand ambassadors are now reporting greater levels of engagement with shoppers and we’re seeing this translating in to increased sales in the locations where we’ve made changes.’     

According to CiR, the new Time Of Day, Day Of Week module is now available via its on line intelligence hub and is being used by many of its clients to plan their staffing strategies.

CiR Business Lounge Manager, Kathryn Martinez comments,’ This latest development is designed to provide the data and analysis that brands and retailers need to optimise the investment they place in store staffing’. She continues, ‘The data is the most granular available and as with the rest of the Business Lounge content, it’s designed to provide the intelligence needed to enable brands to optimise their retail offer.’ CiR states the analysis is generated using multiple sources of data to identify key travel patterns at the most detailed level possible.

For more information email Kathryn Martinez