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‘Opportunity to influence three-quarters of Chinese shopper brand decisions say CiR

Exclusive CiR research into behaviours of shoppers in Asian border stores has revealed further insight into the the unique buying patterns and trends present in the channel.

In a recently completed in-depth research study amongst Chinese Mainland and Chinese Hong Kong travellers, CiR explored the shopper motivations and behaviours that contribute to the Border Stores channel's success. With Chinese travellers remaining the number one nationality by share of Global Duty & Tax Free spend this report recommends how brands and retailers can maximise growth in this dynamic and important channel.

Two areas are currently bucking the trend of the decline within Duty Free and Travel Retail. By region, Asia Pacific shows +2.3% growth and by sector, only Border and Downtown stores shows growth. Into 2016 these two areas of growth continued to increase their presence and remain an attractive proposition. 

Asian Border Stores present an ideal opportunity for brands looking to recruit new followers.

Almost half of travellers planned to visit the store before commencing their journey

Half of border stores shoppers have decided to visit the stores before their journey starts, indicating the level of pre-planning that these shoppers take part in. The opportunity to communicate and pre-target these consumers is present, and strengthens among some clear demographic groups.

Looking for new products is a store visit driver

Whilst half of shoppers have already planned to visit the store, once over the threshold they are looking to be engaged. Almost one third of shoppers are looking for new products, marking out an opportunity to delight shoppers with products not available elsewhere.

Opportunity to influence purchasing in-store

Half of shoppers make their purchasing decision in-store with half having already made this decision. Availability of the right range of international and regional brands is critical to satisfy the demands of the planned shopper.

CiR research reveals that 78% of final purchase decision are made in the store amongst Border Store Shoppers

Appeal of international brands

Ensuring the right range of international and regional brands is available provides a significant opportunity to influence the impulse shopper in-store. Shopper brand expectations are clear with international brands featuring highly across all categories. Across high-end categories of Fashion and Jewellery Bvlgari, Burberry and Cartier are consistently called for.

Available now, this report offers significant potential for retailers and brands, priced at £5,000 (GBP).

To find out more about this report or to discuss, please contact Stephen Hillam at or visit here