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We specialize in global traveler statistics, data driven insight, and activating against trends for all major categories sold in duty free and travel retail.

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Travel Retail Trackers

Travel Retail Trackers

Providing insights into how duty-free shopping behaviour evolves over time

Launching in January 2019, NPD Travel Retail Trackers provide insights into how the duty-free shopping behaviours of key global travelling nationalities continue to evolve.

  • Who the global traveller is and which traveller types browse the duty-free stores
  • What product categories are shoppers interested in and which are the leading brands purchased
  • How shoppers behave in the store in terms of planning levels and staff interaction
  • Why shoppers go on to make a purchase, who they purchase for and what prevents purchasing

Access the industry's most comprehensive shopper behaviour data

Covering 25 key nationalities, research is conducted every quarter and delivered through our interactive online dashboard that enables clients to filter, benchmark and interrogate the data. Topics covered include:

Airport activities

  • Time spent in airport
  • Key activities engaged in
  • Key activities driving additional expenditure

Duty-free metrics

  • Duty-free store footfall, purchasing and conversion
  • Duty-free and category spend
  • Number of items purchased

Duty-free shopper profiles

  • Demographics, e.g. gender and age
  • Traveler tendencies, e.g. trip reason, party and seas class

Duty-free visiting behaviour

  • Visiting drivers
  • Categories and sub-categories browsed
  • Visit planning

Duty-free buyer behaviour

  • Items purchased
  • Purchase reasons and drivers
  • Purchase planning extent
  • Trade up potential

Overcoming barriers

  • Footfall barriers
  • Purchase barriers
  • Future shopping likelihood and conversion drivers

Staff and duty-free exclusives

  • Staff interaction and reasons for interaction
  • Knowledge and interest in duty-free exclusives

Digital behaviours

  • Device ownership
  • Mobile application usage and social media
  • Aiport wi-fi usage

How will Travel Retail Trackers help your business?

Understanding who your shopper is and how they behave is crucial to success. Whether you require intelligence to support the development of global and nationality marketing strategies, or insight into shopper behavioural insights to understand purchasing motivations and drivers Travel Retail Trackers allows clients to benchmark performance, identify opportunities, diagnose issues and make strategic decisions to drive data-driven growth.