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We specialize in global traveler statistics, data driven insight, and activating against trends for all major categories sold in duty free and travel retail.

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Traveller Statistics

Traveller Statistics

Passenger metrics for 550 airports and future seat capacity for over 4,000 airports and their global routes.

By combining key data sources, Traveller Statistics is the powerful solution to help you understand who’s travelling when and where.



  • Detailed analysis for departures, destinations, nationalities, airlines and retailers.
  • Executive summaries: at-a-glance airport and nationality statistics.
  • Daily and hourly: view passenger movements at terminal level for each hour of the day.
  • Forecasts: medium and long-term annual data.
  • Reason for travel: data splits and filtering for business, group, leisure, visiting friends and family/expats.
  • Interactive dashboards.
  • Extensive filtering capabilities across all modules.



Targeted investment
Focus your investment and resources on the largest and fastest-growing airports to deliver the greatest returns.

Increased agility
React to constantly evolving nationality trends, increasing efforts on understanding their travel patterns.

Intelligence-based brand activations
Use intelligence to inform optimum locations and timings for your brand activations based on target traveller profiles.



"Traveller Statistics is proving to be a remarkable tool for our organisation. It’s helping us to understand our markets better, to spot game-changing trends and to take strategic decisions based on sophisticated analysis thanks to the granularity of the data and the feature-rich platform.”

Consumer Insights Manager, Puig (Global Travel Retail)


"Traveller Statistics is an important part of our internal toolkit and drives a number of business decisions. It gives us clarity of which nationalities are exposed to our brands at a terminal level and influences range and marketing strategies.”

Brand and Business Intelligence Manager, Ferrero (Travel Retail)



Contact us to arrange an online demo where we'll show you how Traveller Statistics can take the guess-work out of strategy planning by providing data-driven decision making for all your travel retail teams.